Was watching the rugby, only the final though. Well because it was pretty big thing here in South Africa. The captain was to be the first black captain in the 100+ year history of rugby to lead his team to the final, which they later one.

I’ve had love hate relationship with South African sport .On this occasion of the final it was love at least for the day. At least as Siya hoisted Webb above his head I had to be in love.

What struck me the most  however was the post match interviews. Both Coach Rassie and Bhuti Siya when asked about the pressure of the world cup final refused to see it as such. They considered a privilege more than anything.  Pressure is waking up and your house has been burgled, pressure is when the ma11 threatens to put your baby in the oven if you don’t give him what he wants. Pressure is is going to sleep without eating or your wife and one month baby being shot dead in a taxi on their way to the clinic.

It was real. Very true. In some places even in the same Africa where these atrocities happen pressure to someone can be as trivial as missing a drop goal. That’s the burden of privilege. Not knowing what is real and what isn’t. Fortunately its something you have to keep on reminding yourself and thanking whatever Gods you belong to, because chances are you didnt choose to be born there. Nature and nurture have played a huge role but just for a second imagine you were on the wrong side of a border,race, continent or religion your fate could have been totally different.

So in privilege let us not forget that we are in this position to make it better for him who cannot, through words and action. To leave the world in a better place than you found it. USE YOUR PRIVILEGE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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