Alchemist ways

How many of us can look back at our 5 or 7 year old version selves and honestly tell them or say we did and lived up to all the hope, shine we had in eyes and dreams at that age?

I am 27 years old now. Used to respect the police then, now i hate them. Loved watching t.v, now i hardly watch it because of the social programming it sets on people and curse the few shows i bump into whenever i do watch t.v. Hated vegetables and wanted fast food for every meal, now i drink water and hardly sodas, make healthier more vegetable dominated meals.

I realized life is about unlearning what i was taught by other adults who themselves had no idea what they were doing, why they were doing it and for who/m. My own experience, research and understanding has lead me to this realization. A mind that opens up to new thoughts and ideas will never be the same as a new stream of thinking has been unlocked. my view on drugs, love, religion, government and life are totally different from what i was taught.

i now breathe, eat and live my reality the way i need and want as a reflection of who i am and for others…for EARTH. Reality is in fact created by whats inside each and every one of us. we weren’t taught that but i hope to live the rest of my life proving and teaching this lesson if you can call it that.

peace. earth.

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