Was watching the rugby, only the final though. Well because it was pretty big thing here in South Africa. The captain was to be the first black captain in the 100+ year history of rugby to lead his team to the final, which they later one. I’ve had love hate relationship with South African sport […]


Alchemist ways

How many of us can look back at our 5 or 7 year old version selves and honestly tell them or say we did and lived up to all the hope, shine we had in eyes and dreams at that age? I am 27 years old now. Used to respect the police then, now i […]

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with all the time i spend online watching youtube videos at work, i decided to start a blog and use some of that time to see how far i can go with this blogging thing. Ive seen other bloggers who became paid full time bloggers so heck, why not try too? I am Jigsaw, a […]

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